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Stuart Immonen back at DC to take the Plunge with Joe Hill

Immonen joins Hill House Comics, DC’s horror pop-up imprint.

Stuart Immonen announced his retirement from comics last year. Well, it looks like he had one heck of a short retirement. Saturday night during DC’s House of Horrors panel at New York Comic Con, Joe Hill, curator of DC’s upcoming Hill House horror pop-up imprint, announced that Immonen would be doing the art for Hill’s comic — Plunge.

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Plunge is the final book in the Hill House line that was discussed during the panel. Hill described his pitch to DC Executive Editor Mark Doyle as “my riff on John Carpenter’s The Thing.”

The story surrounds an advanced oil tanker that goes down in the Arctic Ocean in ’80s due to a huge tsunami caused by an ocean tremor. It was never recovered or heard from again. 40 years later the distress beacon starts signaling and a group of salvage operators discover the wreck under the ice near some under discovered islands.

“It’s one of the scariest scripts I’ve ever read,” said Doyle.

Look for samples of Hill House comics at your local comic store starting October 6. Plunge will be released in February 2020.

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