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Indiegogo Alert: ‘I’ll Be Damned’ feature film

I’ll Be Damned is a stylistic supernatural noir that needs your help on Indiegogo!

I’ll Be Damned is is a Hitchcockian, supernatural noir set entirely in the afterlife about a deceased private investigator who saves lost souls stuck in a nightmarish limbo. He must embark on an unsanctioned mission;  to rescue his newly-departed and embittered old flame from her current beau; a demonic gangster with designs on her soul. There’s suspense, action, romance, scares, laughs, heartbreak, twists, detectives, dames, gangsters, femme fatales,  angels, demons and even a samurai – All of which are filtered through the eyes of someone who died in the 1930s.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? I am a huge noir fan and I’ll Be Damned hits on all marks. But, if you want to see I’ll Be Damned become a reality, you have to do your part to make it happen! The Indiegogo campaign to get I’ll Be Damned funded runs through the month of October. There are numerous perks including T-shirts, posters, Blu-rays, the screenplay, soundtrack available by David G. Russell, and if your wallet is kind enough, you can even get a speaking role in the film!

Check out the trailer below and click the link to support I’ll Be Damned!



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