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Stars of Amazon Prime’s ‘The Expanse’ talk the show’s return and legacy at NYCC

Amazon Prime screened the first episode of the new show this weekend at Comic Con.

After a year of speculation and excitement, The Expanse has returned for its fourth season, now on Amazon Prime.  In a room filled with Screaming Firehawks, Prime screened the first episode of the upcoming season, dropped a few housekeeping announcements, and brought out the cast for a quick Q&A.  For a show with such a dedicated fanbase and an equally dedicated cast, it was a tremendous morning reintroducing the beloved franchise.

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After the episode aired, showrunner Naran Shankar and cast members Steven Strait (Holden), Cas Anvar (Alex), Dominique Tipper (Naomi), We Chatham (Amos), Shoreh Aghdashloo (Avasarala), Cara Gee (Drummer), and newcomer Burn Gorman (Murtry) came on stage to talk The Expanse.  

According to Chatham, the Roci crew is very tight on set due to their previous isolation in filming on the ship set.  Cara Gee (who sounds NOTHING like Drummer, wow) brought up Drummer’s conversation with Naomi in episode 1 as laying the groundwork for different points of view on the nature of The Ring and what it means for humanity.  While most of the crew was happy to be on location for a change — Cas got to wear his toque and represent for Canada — Gee was thrilled to not be out in the cold.  

Moderator Kyle Hill brings up the preponderance of swearing in the Amazon version of the show and asks Ashdashloo the question on everyone’s mind: what is her favorite swear word?  In her gravely and authoritative voice she let the world know that “motherf***er” is her favorite.

The most interactive moment of the short panel involved the question as to the legacy of the show and its impact on science fiction.  As to the legacy, Hill, a science educator, brought up how young engineers and scientists are already being inspired by the show. The cast hoped that the show would have the lasting legacy that other shows have had.  Considering science fiction as a genre, both Gee and Tipper brought up representation as a feature of science-fiction that The Expanse exemplifies.  The diverse cast and crew is possible because science fiction pushes boundaries and takes a different approach to humanity.

While their time on stage was short, premiering a full episode and the brand new trailer gave the NYCC audience a thrill and sent us all home counting the days until the Roci lands on Ilus and The Expanse season 4 on Amazon Prime.  Seasons 1-3 are now streaming on the service.


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