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What do Green Goblin’s truths about new Spider-Man villain Kindred mean in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #31?

Is Kindred Spider-Man’s legacy?

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. Read our review.

Kindred has been a big mystery ever since Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley took over with their Free Comic Book Day comic. So far we’ve gleaned minor details that he knows Peter very well — like how he still cries Gwen Stacy’s name at night– but not much else. In Amazing Spider-Man #31 we learn a little bit more by way of Norman Osborn AKA the Green Goblin.

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This issue is part 2 in the story which features Kindred menacing Norman Osborn in an insane asylum prior to him being freed by Carnage. It has become very clear he’s not a big fan of Norman and some subtle hints are dropped about their relationship. For instance, in the panel below from issue #31 Kindred says he wants revenge on Norman.

Things heat up later when Kindred walks away only to be turned back by Norman who has mostly been catatonic up until this point. As we see, Norman isn’t in control, but he’s still in there somewhere.

In a key panel we learn Norman is glad to see Kindred which means he recognizes him. He even seems to understand Kindred’s plan.

Then in the final panels Norman, or whoever is talking for Norman, really pisses Kindred off.

What does Norman mean when he says Kindred is “most certainly” Spider-Man’s legacy? How connected are Peter and Kindred? When Norman later says “I am so proud of you” it relates back to the last issue when Kindred makes the point Norman is the “end of innocence” for Peter. It’s a barb of a statement for Norman to speak as a father figure telling Kindred he’s proud of him.

A whole lot more occurs in the issue and I recommend you read the whole thing to gather every detail. What do you make of these subtle details? Is Kindred a clone of Spider-Man, or something more? Sound off in the comments!


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