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NYCC 2019

NYCC 2019’s The Expanse fan experience was truly out of this world

The Amazon and Expanse team went all out for fans at NYCC and it showed.

Fans of Amazon Prime’s The Expanse were treated to more than a visit from the cast at New York Comic Con.  Smack in the middle of the main lobby of the Javits Center was a fan experience that was truly out of this world.  Fans were treated to multiple costumes and props from the show, including a dress worn by Shoreh Aghdashloo (Chrisjen Avasarala) in Season 1, Martian Marine Power Armor worn by Frankie Adams (Bobby Draper), and other gear from the show.  

Once inside the activation, fans stepped into the kitchen of the Roci, complete with the circular garden and Holden’s coffee nook.  The gift of an exclusive branded metal coffee cup simply added to the smiles already plastered on fans’ faces.  

With Season 4 focused on the new planet Ilus, the activation included a blue screen photo or video of fans stepping out onto the planet’s surface.  Assistants dressed in MCRN uniforms were friendly and helpful, ushering fans through the experience while allowing them to take in the full set piece they had just stepped into.  Monitors with ship details and even a multi-camera, 360 degree tour of the UNN Agatha King were spaced throughout the activation. The physical set itself completely surrounded fans giving them a look at the interior of the galley and the bridge.

Speaking of the bridge, a set-used pilot’s chair from the Rocinante itself was on hand (minus the graphic panels) for fans to sit in and try out.  I will happily admit that this was the moment that got me. Sitting in Alex’s chair with his video layout on the wall in front of me inside the Roci?  Almost as good as being in space for real. One final surprise for guests was the fog blasts that accompanied their exit from the activation, giving everyone the feeling that they were truly returning to Terra from somewhere special.  The Amazon and Expanse team went all out for fans at NYCC and it showed.


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