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Beasts of the Mesozoic Ceratopsian Series: Surprise stretch goals unlocked!

The campaign almost immediately (and predictably) shot past $185,000 after this update.

In a surprise update on Thursday, David Silva announced that multiple figures from the Wave 2 stretch goals would be unlocked along with the Nasuceratops at $185,000.


The other figures were Einiosaurus, Avaceratops, Kosmoceratops, and Spiclypeus, which are pictured below in the order listed. Kosmoceratops is a freshly painted prototype still chilling on David’s work desk. The Spiclypeus photograph is from its unpainted prototype days (painted prototype should be revealed very soon).


So why did David decide to add four dinosaurs from Wave 2 at a much lower stretch goal amount? I’ll let him explain while I go get my wallet…

It was mentioned recently by backer Sirithiliel that those waiting until the end will return and see that there aren’t many new options available to back, and it gave me an idea- we need more options. I’ve been going back and forth between this project and the Raptor Series trying to understand the differences and why those stretch goals were opened up so smoothly, so here’s what I discovered. The raptors were around $30-$35 each which means you could get more items for your money and it was much easier to collect the entire series (as S. Larama has pointed out to me- thank you). Plus the goals were only $10K apart and what helps reach more goals than having more figure options? It was a snowball effect in that it wasn’t that much more for backers to add the next one and then that in-turn would open the next one and so on. But with the Ceratopsians, we have a bigger challenge because these are larger species and even at the smaller scale they end up being more massive figures than the raptors which inevitably means higher price points. So here is my solution-

Once the Nasutoceratops is unlocked at $185,000, all of the remaining ‘Body 2’ ceratopsian figures will also be unlocked and available to pledge. Yes, five figures will be unlocked at $185,000!

For tooling, these ‘body 2 types’ all only need new head parts now that Monoclonius and Chasmosaurus are funded, and the order potential of each should more than enough to cover the production expenses. 

These figures were originally meant to be buffer incentives to help us get to the more expensive stretch goals such as the larger Body 3, Body 4, and Body 5 types (see Update #12 for more on the body parts and types) making those goals less daunting to reach. But it appears this was not the correct strategy. I see now that the smaller figures all need to come first, thus giving us more affordable options to build toward the larger, more expensive figures. 

Is this a risk on my part? Yes, but only a minor one. If I unlock these and it doesn’t boost the campaign in a meaningful way, it may put me at a loss, however in that case I do have my Raptor Series sales to absorb that, so in that way, the success of the previous campaign is making this move possible. 

The campaign almost immediately (and predictably) shot past $185,000 after this update. Silva also added multiple single figure tiers to the main campaign page featuring the newly unlocked Ceratopsians.

With six days left in the campaign, there’s still plenty of time for more pledges to roll in and more fantastic ceratopsian figures to be unlocked!


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