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Jonathan Hickman reveals a Moira X-Men comic is on the way

An upcoming Dawn of X book will feature Moira.

X-Men Monday has been going strong for 32 weeks and this week may be the biggest yet. For this installment, Jonathan Hickman himself hand-picked and answered fan questions now that House of X and Powers of X are complete. Answers ranged from highly detailed, to spoilery, to cryptic, but a few bombshells can be found as well. I highly recommend you read the entire piece as it’s enlightening even if you’re not an X-Men fan.

Listen to the latest episode of our weekly comics podcast!

Listen to the latest episode of our weekly Comics podcast

Possibly the biggest news came when Hickman revealed a Moira series was in the works. The character is clearly the crux of the new X-Men books and Hickman revealed there was going to be a 1,000 year timeline and “included in that timeline was going to be the revelation that black brain telepaths are a Nimrod construct and on a long enough Nimrod timeline–where he is locked in a battle with mutantdom–Nimrod always oversees the ‘creation’ of black brain telepaths as a way to infiltrate the ranks of his mutant enemies.”

House of X #2

The reason they didn’t include it was partly because they were hoping for a specific writer to do the Moira comic book. “They agreed to do it long before we were expecting them to commit. Which was great news” but Hickman goes on to say the writer (not yet revealed) decided to not put this timeline in the book likely because the details Hickman reveals here will be part of said book. “So the Cylobel bits went unresolved (for now) on the page.”

This was only one of his answers. Check out the whole Q & A here.


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