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A new X-Men series centered around resurrections is coming next year

Mutants being reborn is going to be a real headache in 2020.

Today, House of X and Powers of X architect Johnathan Hickman answered your questions in X-Men Monday. The Q&A is filled with content and I highly recommend you read the entire piece as it’s enlightening even if you’re not an X-Men fan. He’s already revealed one new series is on the way from an unnamed writer focusing on Moira, but another is on the way too.

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Near the end of the interview, Hickman is answering a question about souls and the idea of duplicates existing came up. He goes on to say:

“But if that’s the case then what about duplicate copies, which one gets the soul? I dunno, that sounds like a story to me, but that’s also why they’re not allowing copies of characters on Krakoa. But what if there’s a mistake and you think someone’s dead, but make a copy anyway? Well, again, that sounds like a story… and we even have a series built around resurrection problems coming out next year.

Apparently, the main sci-fi conceit of the books revolving around mutants being reborn whenever they die is going to become a huge deal. Such a big deal it’ll be getting its own book next year.

This was only one of his answers. Check out the whole Q & A here.


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