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Zoe Kravitz cast as Catwoman in ‘The Batman’

Kravitz will star opposite Robert Pattinson as Batman.

Zoe Kravitz has been selected to play the role of Catwoman in Matt Reeves’ and Warner Bros.’ upcoming standalone super-hero film, The Batman.

Kravitz nabbed the role after a rigorous selection process that saw her up against the likes of Ana De Armas, Ella Balinska, and Eiza Gonzalez. She read alongside Robert Pattinson, the film’s lead star, over the weekend and was confirmed for the role today.

In the role of Catwoman, the Caped Crusader’s long-time love interest and sometimes foe, Kravitz joins an exclusive club of actresses that have held the role. Michelle Pfeiffer first portrayed the character on the big-screen in 1992’s Batman Returns, later followed by Halle Berry in the disastrous 2004 solo film, and later by Anne Hathaway in Christopher Nolan’s, The Dark Knight Rises.

Kravitz recently co-starred in HBO’s Big Little Lies and has an upcoming role in a Hulu reboot of High Fidelity. It’s possible her role as Leta Lestrange in the Warner Bros. Harry Potter spinoff, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, helped her secure the role as the studio is already well familiar with her work. She also voiced the role Catwoman in the studio’s The Batman Lego Movie.

The Batman is set to open June 25, 2021.


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