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Matthew Rosenberg’s ‘Hawkeye: Freefall’ begins in February

Rosenberg and Schmidt take aim for Hawkeye.

It looks like it’s gonna be a bright future for Hawkeye fans. Not only is there the upcoming Disney+ show, but now, Uncanny X-Men’s Matthew Rosenberg is set to bring us a new Hawkeye title this February.

Rosenberg’s teaming with Green Arrow’s Otto Schmidt on Hawkeye: Freefall. A new Ronin’s “tearing a destructive path through the city,” which means former Ronin, Clint Barton, is getting blamed. Rather enticingly, Hawkeye and Ronin’s “secret plans will set them on a collision course than only one with walk away from.”

The synopsis says that “a clash with the Hood ends badly” and the villain’s inclusion gives me another reason to check it out, as I loved him in Bendis’ New Avengers.

Along with this, Marvel also announced that Captain Britain’s Alan Davis is teaming with Star Wars: Thrawn‘s Paul Renaud on Tarot, reuniting former Invaders Captain America and Sub-Mariner. Here’s the synopsis:

“A strange and impossible lost memory from his days in World War II draws Namor the Sub-Mariner to his one-time compatriot Captain America—but the two heroes and their respective allies find themselves pulled into a labyrinth of pain, destruction and madness courtesy of the Infernal Ichor of Ish’lzog!”

Interestingly, above the title, it says ”Avengers | Defenders” and features Avengers on the left, Defenders on the right, so it’ll be interesting to see if that and the mention of “respective allies” means we’ll get to see both Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Marvel’s resident non-team together.

Hawkeye: Freefall #1 and Tarot #1 hit shelves next February.


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