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Teamfight Tactics officially announced for mobile platforms

Pretty soon you’ll be able to play Teamfight Tactics on the go.

“It turns out you guys actually do have phones.”

Gamers on the go, rejoice. Riot Games’ League of Legends round-based Auto-Battler, Teamfight Tactics, will be coming to mobile platforms in early 2020; TFT mobile will feature full cross platform play with the PC.

Riot also announced some upcoming changes to TFT in the form of seasonal sets, where a whole new host of champions, origins, classes and items will be rotated into the meta. “Thematically, we can explore the entire League universe and the alternate universes by drawing deep from the whole spectrum of champions and skins that we’ve created in the past 10 years,” Riot announced in their TFT Updates and Mobile Announcement video.

The first seasonal side, Rise of the Elements, will be hitting servers in three weeks and will include brand-new origins like desert, inferno and poison and new classes including the summoners and mystics.

Sign up for updates at the official Teamfight Tactics website.


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