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Adventures in Pod Taste

Adventures in Pod Taste! Episode 95: October of Spooky

It’s October! So join us as we talk all things horror!

Blame Aly for the title! After being away for a couple of weeks; we are back together again. It is October and that means it is time for us to talk scary stuff! We talk about what scares us the most in horror, what we have been watching, and pretty much just horror talk! We also dip a little into who we think are the top movie villains.

Listen to the latest episode of our weekly comics podcast!

We also talk about the ridiculous list that Disney Plus has released, AMC Theaters diving into the streaming end of the pool, and a brief look at our taste in pron???? Plus our weekly picks!

Adventures in Pod Taste! is – Jason SegarraAlyssa Jackson, and David Hildebrand. You can find Jason on Twitter @FelixLancaster. You can find Alyssa on Twitter @alyjack and you can find David on Twitter @Sycotic. You can tweet us personally or at the show’s account on Twitter @PodTastePodcast.


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