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New Dawn of X series announced in ‘Captain Marvel’ #11 letters

The new X-Men series will debut on February 2, 2020!

Given how good House of X and Powers of X have been it’s not surprising fans are dying for any detail they can get about the Dawn of X books. We got many new details from Jonathan Hickman himself in our X-Men Monday this week and there’s plenty to talk about thanks to X-Men #1, but did you know new details came from Captain Marvel #11? No, there weren’t any X-Men in the book nor were there any spoilers per se, but in the letters page, it was revealed Carmen Carnero is leaving Captain Marvel for a new Dawn of X title out in February.

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Obviously, the details are slim, but it’s apparently called X-Corp. Check out the reveal below.

Editor Sarah Brunstad appears to have let it be known X-Corp is the “latest in the wave of genre-redefining X-Men books” to come out on February 2nd. Considering February solicitations won’t be released for another month or more this is very big news!

If this news is real what do you think X-Corp will be about? Will Carol Danvers be leading a mutant corps of her own or will mutants start their own now that they’re more involved in space politics? We’ll find out February 2nd!

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