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DC Comics’ January 2020 solicitations: 5 takeaways

Snyder exits Justice League, Tynion starts Batman, and a lot more.

Today, DC released solicits for their January 2020 comics, revealing a multitude of good (and some bad) things to kick off the new year. After reading them, I’ve got a couple of thoughts on what’s coming up.

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James Tynion IV’s Batman

Yesterday, the solicits for the first two issues of Tynion’s Batman were revealed. One of my favorite aspects of this was just seeing that Tynion will follow up on what King’s done in “City of Bane,” as I was concerned he’d just start fresh and not touch upon what was done before. I’m not exactly sure how Deathstroke will play into things, or why he’s after Riddler, so I hope his inclusion makes sense and that it works in the comic.

Daphne Byrne #1

One of the most exciting things bout DC’s future is Joe Hill’s Hill House imprint, bringing us a number of brand new horror comics with original characters. I love the feeling I get from stories set in Victorian London. The look of the world, the way characters speak, and the atmosphere, so just reading “gaslit splendor of 19th – century New York” immediately hooked me. It’s one of my favorite kinds of horror and I’m delighted to see it explored.

Detective Comics Annual #3

Though I haven’t been reading much of Tomasi’s run of Detective, I’ll definitely be checking this out, as it’ll explore the impact of Alfred’s death. I already felt he was dead after Batman #77, though there was always a chance it’d be revealed he wasn’t, or that he’d come back sooner than later, so I’m relieved to see this.

Justice League #39

I was curious to see what’d happen with JL after Scott Snyder finished up what he’s been doing with Luthor and trying to steer the world toward Doom. It looks like come February, we’re set to find out, as he finishes his run at the start of the year. I’m intrigued to see both how he ends his run and what comes after.

Legion of Super-Heroes #3

I’m really looking forward to Bendis’ LOSH, though I haven’t read many Legion comics. It’ll be great seeing what he does with the team and seeing more of Jon Kent/Superboy is definitely a plus. But the real highlight of this solicit is that the Boy of Steel won’t be going without his best friend, Damian Wayne. It’s going to be fantastic seeing them interacting again, as their chemistry was the highlight of Super Sons.

All of the above will be released January 2020.

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