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AIPT Comics Podcast Episode 44: Guest Joe Hill talks horror, Hill House Comics, the Stephen King multiverse and more

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Welcome back to the official AIPT Comics podcast where your hosts Forrest Hollingsworth and David Brooke discuss their favorite comics of last week, news, their most anticipated books out next week.

This week we have special guest Joe Hill on to talk about next week’s launch of Hill House Comics which falls under DC Comics’ Black Label line. Hill breaks down Basketful of Heads #1 which is the debut issue of the line, we discuss the multiverse his father Stephen King has built and how Hill’s work has tapped into it, as well as play a little word association with the other books coming out soon from Hill House Comics.

As always we also break down the news as we discuss MCM Comic Con London news like Wolverine #1 pages revealed, Giant-Sized X-Men, Franklin Richards’ own book X-Men/Fantastic Four, and Doctor Aphra returning in 2020. We also talk about Jorge Jimenez revealing “bigger” things coming as he’s retiring from Justice League, Tom King and Clay Mann’s Batman/Catwoman #1 delayed past January, a review of some of the big 2019 RINGO award winners, a discussion of the Marvel solicitations, Spider-Man Noir announced for March 2020, and finally Doomsday Clock is finished!

Our Top Books of Last Week:


  1. Amazing Mary Jane (2019) #1 (W: Leah Williams, A: Carlos Gomez)
  2. King Thor #2 (W: Jason Aaron, A: Asad Ribic)


  1. Marauders #1 (W: Gerry Dugan A: Matteo Lolli)
  2. Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle (See Credits)

Our top covers of the week come from Venom #19 by Kyle Hotz and Silver Surfer: Black #5 by Cian Tormey. Check those out below.

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