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Seth Rollins will address his future on RAW

This is Seth Rollins first RAW since losing the WWE title.

As of right now (3:50 p.m. Eastern), WWE hasn’t promoted a single match or segment for tonight’s episode of RAW on their website or social media channels.

This is a bit unusual for WWE, especially after so many members of the NXT roster appeared on Smackdown in an episode that was reminiscent of WCW’s invasion of WWE. Most notable in attendance at Smackdown was WWE Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative and the head of NXT and WWE’s developmental talent, the king of kings himself, Triple H.

The cerebral assassin threw the gauntlet in the face of the “main roster” talent after the men and women of NXT laid waste to everyone they encountered in and outside the ring on the Smackdown roster. NXT will be at Survivor Series and they’ll be looking to take down RAW and Smackdown.

Well, we’ve seen how Smackdown rose to that challenge. So what about RAW?

What about RAW indeed. We haven’t heard a peep from a single RAW talent in regards to the Triple H’s challenge. But when you think about it, maybe that isn’t so unusual given the circumstances. Bray Wyatt aka The Fiend and Brock Lesnar are holding the two top champions for the men’s division and neither man is known for being very talkative.

But wait. Remember the Beastslayer? The man who slayed the beast when Roman Reigns couldn’t. The man who beat The Fiend so badly at Hell in a Cell that they had to stop the match. The very same man who lost the WWE title to The Fiend this weekend at Crown Jewel in parts unknown.

Yeah that guy. Well we now know one thing that will be happening on RAW tonight. Seth Rollins, the Beastslayer, and former WWE Universal Champion will address his future.


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