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Daredevil #13 Review: Good intentions pave the path

In the latest issue of Daredevil’s current arc, Through Hell, we see the ramifications of Daredevil, Kingpin, and Detective Cole’s choices and start to see the new courses they will take as the story continues.

Here we are at issue 13 of Daredevil by the creative team of Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto; this issue, another episode in the current arc of the Through Hell storyline was another home run. Chip is such a master at creating struggles for people to be placed in and this issue just shows how heavy a rock and hard place that he has placed Matt, Wilson, and Cole between. Marco also delivers some incredible visuals that just help the dire situations take realization.  So let us jump into this incredible issue and take a look, SPOILERS!

Daredevil #13, Marvel Comics

First off let us take a look at the cover…that is one guilty Kingpin.  That cover totally takes us from last issue with Wilson snapping and killing the party guest who was bullying/mocking him.  Julian Totino Tedesco is the cover artist and he has done a great job of showing the fear and rage in Wilson’s face along with the blood on his hands; just a great cover to show that some of the habits of the Kingpin aren’t all the way gone.  I love how this cover also shows that it isn’t just Matt Murdock going Through Hell

So let us look at the first of three characters that were highlighted in this issue; let us begin with Matt Murdock.  The issue opens with Matt in workout gear and mask because he is in training with Elektra.  I appreciate how Chip using a “cell phone conversation” helps the reader get caught up with Matt’s love life involving Mindy; it is interesting how Matt does want to talk to her about what they are doing and also how Matt is trying to be a better man.  I like that Matt’s Catholic Faith is used here to go against his physical urges and wants. 

Daredevil #13, Marvel Comics

Elektra has a great voice in calling out Matt on what he is trying to do with training with her.  She asks Matt a direct question, “What do you want?” and I like that he casually replies, “To be…be better.”  That is such a Matt response and I like that she calls him out on it telling him that is not a goal.  Eventually Elektra gets Matt to focus and think outside himself so he can actually use his radar sense to its full potential.  Marco Checchetto does a great job showcasing the radar sense and fight choreography in the pages to show off the ninja moves of Matt and Elektra.  

Daredevil #13, Marvel Comics

Now we move onto Wilson Fisk and he is very vulnerable after the realization of his actions after killing with his bare hands.  His first instinct is to contact Wesley and drop the problem on him; what is really interesting is how he looks and what he says to Wesley: “I don’t know what to do.”  This is not the Wilson that we are used to and this will be wild to see the ramifications of what is going on with him.  Wesley does a great job of hiding the murder, finding a way to contaminate the crime scene, and changing the narrative of the situation; honestly it feels like he is the real Kingpin here and Wilson is just a figure head.  Speaking of criminals in this issue we are treated to a meeting with Izzy Libris and the Owl; which I have to say Marco Checchetto drew a disgusting, scuzzy looking Owl and it looks great.  The Owl is really acting like a madman right now with the vacuum that is created by Wilson’s absence. 

Daredevil #13, Marvel Comics

The final character to focus on is Detective Cole North; and I am really impressed with his character struggle; a by the books cop in a lawless culture with a crooked mayor.  Cole is being suspended since he is not playing the game that the other cops are doing and once he starts leaving the building he happens upon a gross scene.  Three young men being punks to a homeless guy; just the right situation for Cole to step up and serve some justice instead of law, but that lawlessness is what digs at Cole.  To make the matter even worse the homeless man appreciates the save and says there should be more people like him…maybe that why Hell’s Kitchen needs a Daredevil?  The issue ends with Matt running into Cole and asking him for coffee…I can’t wait to read that discussion.

Daredevil #13, Marvel Comics
Is it good?
Another fantastic issue of Daredevil...without Daredevil in it. The struggles and characterizations that Chip Zdarsky creates are just horrible, but so fun to read. Marco Checchetto's art is just an amazing feast for the eyes...get this book on your pull list ASAP!
The characterizations are just perfect and the situations they have placed themselves in leave you wanting more each issue
Detective Cole North is not just a new creative team character he is starting to hold his own in the Marvel Universe
The Villains are just real scumbags and it's perfect!!
Amazing art that is just poster-worthy

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