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First look at Bray Wyatt’s Universal Title on WWE Backstage

The Universal Title pays its first visit to the Firefly Fun House.

Gather round fireflies! Bray Wyatt has a special surprise for his followers, the residents of the Firefly Fun House, and the rest of the WWE Universe.

Tuesday evening during the premiere episode of WWE Backstage on FS1, Bray Wyatt made a special appearance to show off his new WWE Universal Title with custom Fiend side plates. Each holder of the top title for the men and women’s divisions receive their very own custom side plates for the title belt, Bray’s feature The Fiend’s mask covered face.

While the title looks great, WWE may have misled fans a bit. They originally advertised the appearance to include a custom Bray Wyatt belt, which led fans to believe that they would be seeing something in the vein of Daniel Bryan’s hemp belt, or John Cena’s spinner belt. Not the same exact title with custom side plates, which is what ever single holder of the title receives.

Advertising issues aside, the new title looks good. See for yourself below:

WWE Backstage is the companies only studio show and offers the latest on WWE news every Tuesday at 11 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT. The hosts of the show are WWE broadcaster Renee Young and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, with occasion guests and personalities rolling through.


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