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X-Men: The Animated Series actress Lenore Zann once again voices Rogue on the X-Reads Podcast

Hear that iconic Rogue voice back in action!

In a time when it’s not uncommon for classic TV shows to return, countless children of the ’90s (and beyond) wish the cast and crew behind X-Men: The Animated Series would reunite to tell new stories. Well, while some X-Fans are busy wishing, the co-hosts of the X-Reads Podcast are doing the next best thing–having one of the cartoon’s voice actors lend her iconic voice to new (classic) lines of X-Men dialogue!

Listeners to Chandler Poling and Chris Riley’s X-Reads Podcast can tune in now and listen to ’90s Rogue actress Lenore Zann lend her husky drawl to lines from Chris Claremont’s Uncanny X-Men #173. Just in time for the beloved cartoon’s debut on Disney+ November 12.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Now on its ninth episode, the X-Reads Podcast is what happens when two old friends with a shared love for the X-Men get together and read through classic issues of Uncanny X-Men, recapping and offering new insight along the way.

“Once I knew we were going to have Lenore on the podcast, I figured I had to find a great issue within the Claremont era that showcased Rogue nicely and would be dynamic and fun for all of us,” Poling said. “Uncanny X-Men #173 has everything from Wolverine and Rogue tearing through Japan to Storm’s dramatic mohawk transformation and Wolverine’s wedding at the end of the issue. It was perfect.”

Chris Riley, Lenore Zann and Chandler Poling

Poling added that Zann needed little direction and found the chance to revisit Rogue to be refreshing. And, she’d love to do it again! But why stop with just Rogue, when there are so many other former X-Voices out there? If the X-Reads Podcast were to attract any other cast members, Poling said he’d love to have Cal “Wolverine” Dodd and Alyson “Jubilee” Court join in on the fun.

You can listen to the full episode below and follow the X-Reads Podcast on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates about the show.


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