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“Make More Mutants” takes a massive hit in ‘X-Force’ #1

A major mutant falls in X-Force #1.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. For more read our review.

Nearly all the Dawn of X books have been released and each one has a different identity. X-Force, by Benjamin Percy, Joshua Cassara and Dean White is particularly unique as it deals with the CIA of Krakoa. Espionage, intelligence, and covert ops are the focus of the new series. By the end, it’s very clear the X-Force has a big job on their hands.

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It’s actually quite surprising they went the direction they did. Xavier, Magneto, and Moira have established a nation for mutants and a place in the world that defines them as the next step in Earth’s evolution. That means very bad humans want them all dead, which we saw in the preview.

As the issue progresses we see a team of human covert ops trained killers is on their way to Krakoa after jumping from a plane. They wear helmets shielding them from mind readers on Krakoa, which allows them to actually land and start blasting mutants. And they do. Xavier realizes he’s in danger and runs.

He realizes he’s the target, but many of the mutants weren’t nearby. They thought Krakoa was safe.

Xavier appears to stop running–maybe this is a sign he’s got a plan or can clone himself even if he’s killed–which doesn’t end well for him.

Beast, Jean Grey, and Wolverine are witnesses to his murder. This, of course, leads to Wolverine killing as many of these bad guys as he can, with Beast demanding he stop so they can get more information. The death is off-panel though, right, so he must be alive? You be the judge…

That’s only a sliver of the story, however. I highly recommend you read the whole issue to get the full picture!

So what do you say X-Men fans, is Charles Xavier dead before he could see the true greatness of Krakoa in full bloom? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think.


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