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Disney+ ‘Moon Knight’ series lands ‘Umbrella Academy’ series creator

Jeremy Slater pegged to adapt his second comic series.

Disney continues to gobble up the entertainment industry’s best writers for upcoming series on its streaming service, Disney+. The entertainment giant landed Emmy award winning writer Jessica Gao for its She-Hulk series and now its acquired Umbrella Academy TV series creator Jeremy Slater to develop and lead the writing team for the upcoming Moon Knight series.

Slater has worked as a writer and producer on film and television projects such as Fantastic Four, Death Note, and The Exorcist, which Slater created.

The announcement is the series’ first creative news since it was first announced by Kevin Feige at the Walt Disney Company’s D23 Expo in August 2019. Feige was Marvel Studios President at the time and has since been promoted to Chief Creative Office of Marvel Entertainment.

Created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, Marc Spector AKA Moon Knight, first appeared in Werewolf by Night #32 in August of 1975. Spector spent three years in the Marines before becoming a mercenary, which led to a fateful mission in Egypt. During the mission Spector would have died if not for the intervention of the Egyptian Moon God Khonshu, who saved him and granted him his moon-based powers. Schizophrenic and imbued with superhuman powers, Moon Knight is one of the Marvel Universal’s foremost detectives and a member of the West Coast Avengers.

Moon Knight will streaming exclusive on Disney+. No release date is available at this time.


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