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Pig Eat Ball Nintendo Switch review

Party till you puke.

You gotta love these oddball indie games that take you by surprise, with a concept that’s so far out of whack you can’t help but play with a stupid grin on your face the whole time. That’s how I felt indulging in Pig Eat Ball, the latest release from Mommy’s Best Games. It may not be everyone’s taste, but for those that stick around and enjoy some oddball gameplay, you’ll feel right at home.

The game puts you in control of a pig princess that works their way through a series of mazes. Along the way, they’re required to suck up a number of tennis balls around each stage, while solving simple little puzzles along the way. Ah, but there’s a catch. For the balls you suck up, you grow larger in size, and you won’t be able to fit through doorways. So, logically, you have to puke them up to get down in size again.

What’s great about Pig Eat Ball is that it evolves, so it’s not necessarily just about eating and puking. Different objectives and innovative levels get introduced over time, challenging you at every turn. And with hundreds of levels to choose from in the game’s Adventure Mode, it can be a real good time — provided that you can handle all the pig vomit you’re coming across.

Puke at me, bro!

The game’s controls are easy to grasp, but hard to master. After all, you want to fight the proper times to, um, upchuck your way to success. And each level provides you lots of challenges to overcome, but in a fun way. What’s more, there are medals for each level, ranging from bronze to gold, depending on how well you do. You can also challenge others in online leaderboards as well.

Along with the single player Adventure Mode, there’s also a four player local Multiplayer Mode, in which you can try to suck up as many tennis balls on a stage as possible. It can be goofy fun, but it can also be too easy to lose track of your character. Also, no vibrating chairs. (Shoutout to Nathan’s first demo of this game, heh.)

Fortunately, the game has pukish charm to spare, especially with its presentation. The art style is eclectic, yet simple, and a fun reminder of games of old. The music is good to listen to as well, though not the most memorable soundtrack. Besides, you can barely hear it with all the puke noises. Just…maybe don’t play this on a full stomach, yeah?

It looks weird, but it makes sense when you play it.

Pig Eat Ball isn’t a conventional game, but it’s definitely one that, ahem, sticks with you. The gameplay is more addictive than the title first lets on; and there are lots of hilarious moments, whether you’re playing alone or with friends. The online leaderboards and medals add to the challenge, and there’s a lot of levels to take on.If it’s something different you’re in the mood for, dig in to Pig Eat Ball. It’s a party till you puke.

Pig Eat Ball Nintendo Switch review
Is it good?
Sick game, bruh.
Innovative yet simple gameplay that’ll hook you, even as you throw up.
Fun old-school art style is as original as it gets.
Local multiplayer can get confusing.
There’s a lot of puke.

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