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Pokemon Sword and Shield modder inserts Pokemon missing from the game

A Pokemon modder has found a way to get a Pokemon who didn’t make the cut into Pokemon Sword/Shield.

Although the Dexit controversy hasn’t put a damper on favorable, early Pokemon Sword/Shield reviews, some fans still salty about the exclusion of their longtime favorite pocket monsters from generations past who won’t be included in the game have taken to their own devices — by finding ways to squeeze Pokemon into Sword and Shield that aren’t supposed to be there.

Pokemon modder SciresM posted videos on his Twitter account earlier today exhibiting Omastar battling in the Switch exclusive game with its animations fully intact.

Although the modification shows the inclusion of Pokemon like Omastar is possible (Scires says the models were used from Pokemon Let’s Go) — the procedure lacks polish and is far from perfect. As Scires himself says, “Animation on entering battle is pretty broken, but it works okay other than that. Obviously stats are broken (didn’t fix the personal entry yet), and this was originally an edited yamper that I didn’t bother giving legitimate moves.”

It’s impressive to see the work of one man including a Pokemon of yesteryear in Sword and Shield which the developers couldn’t due to self-described limitations. That being said, we are not here to trivialize the work that Game Freak has done nor place any blame solely on them when it’s very likely decisions were made by Nintendo to push the game’s release before Christmas to capitalize on sales. Moreso, it’s interesting to see the passion fans have for a game which can incite them to take actions like the one SciresM did here.

What do you think of SciresM’s modded inclusion of Omastar into Pokemon Sword and Shield? Let us know in the comments.


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