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NWA Powerrr episode pulled after Jim Cornette makes racist joke on commentary

The NWA commentator cracked a tasteless, racist joke that somehow made it to air on a taped show.

Tonight’s episode of NWA Powerrr has been pulled from YouTube, apparently in response to backlash after Jim Cornette made a racist joke on commentary during a match between Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis and Trevor Murdoch. You can watch the clip below.

Of Trevor Murdoch, the NWA commentator and infamous wrestling promotor, manager said, “he’s the only man I’ve ever known who can strap a bucket of fried chicken on his back and ride a motor scooter across Ethiopia,” Cornette quipped.

Jim Cornette is no stranger to controversy stemming from his uncensored comments. He has been accused of being a racist in the past, which he vehemently denies, but instances such as this are not isolated. Cornette has had to defend himself from accusations of racism before, when a rant where he used the N word in the ’90s surfaced.

What’s just as troubling is that this line made it to air on a taped show. It was either not noticed or deemed okay, neither of which make NWA look very good. At the moment, however, it appears the NWA is responding to criticism and has taken the episode off of YouTube.

NWA Vice President David Lagana has released a statement, saying “one of our talents made comments which some viewers found offensive.”

It remains to be seen what disciplinary action, if any, Cornette will face.

UPDATE Nov. 19 9:15pm: The episode is back online, with the comment in question edited out.

UPDATE Nov. 20 10:00am: Jim Cornette has resigned as commentator of the NWA.

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