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Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons: Valdris Felgorge, new Legendary Warlock minion revealed

Handlock just got a whole lot handsier with new Warlock Legendary minion, Valdris Felgorge.

Holy hand-size, Gul’dan. The crazy sumbitches at Team 5/Blizzard actually did it — a card that increases a player’s maximum hand size from 10 to 12. Behold, Warlock Lgendary minion, Valdris Felgorge.

  • Valdris Felgorge
  • Class: Warlock
  • Card type: Minion
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Mana cost: 7
  • Attack: 4 Health: 4
  • Card text: Battlecry: Increase your maximum hand size to 12. Draw 4 cards.

Oh, did we mention that Valdris is also Sprint with a 4/4 body attached in addition to his unique Battlecry? We have to laud the designers for this card; even if we don’t craft Valdris, it certainly pushes the boundaries of what we the players conceive as “regular game play limitations,” and that’s always fun. Handlock just got a whole lot more interesting in Descent of Dragons.

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