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Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons: Dragonqueen Alexstrasza, new Legendary minion revealed

The Dragonqueen makes her landing in Descent of Dragons as a Legendary dragon minion with a RNG-heavy Battlecry.

What would a Hearthstone expansion named Descent of Dragons be without the Dragonqueen Alexstrasza? Is the Lifebinder, Aspect of the Red Dragonflight and guardian of all life in Azeroth the League of Explorers’ answer to Galakrond?

  • Dragonqueen Alexstrasza
  • Class: Neutral
  • Card type: Minion
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Mana cost: 9
  • Attack: 8 HP: 8
  • Card text: Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, add 2 random Dragons to your hand. They cost (0).
  • Tribe: Dragon

Alexstrasza will definitely secure a slot in Highlander decks, although the RNG aspect is sure to both infuriate and overjoy players on both sides of the battlefield. 0-mana Faerie Dragon or 0-mana Malygos? Maybe even a 0-mana Dragonqueen Alexstrasza? Time will tell. One thing’s for certain already, though: that card art by Ludo Lullabi is fire.

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