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Jon Moxley on WWE’s creative decisions for the Dean Ambrose character

‘Am I on some kind of reality show? Is this the new WWE Network reality show? This is a joke!’

Jon Moxley was interviewed by Chris Van Vliet in Chicago right before AEW Dynamite last week. As you’d expect from Van Vliet, it’s an interesting, wide-ranging interview that gets into his brutal match with Kenny Omega at Full Gear, the AEW schedule, and of course, his time in WWE.

Moxley was asked about his decision to leave WWE, and he reiterated that it wasn’t an easy one. "Once I decided I was gonna leave, I wasn’t happy about it for a while. I was pretty pissed about it," he admitted. "I was like, ‘are they really gonna make me leave? They’re gonna f*ck everything up so bad…’ I was like, ‘I can’t believe they’re gonna make me walk away from all this money! Can’t you write one good f*ckin’ storyline?’"

The former Dean Ambrose went into more detail about his thought process, revealing he was starting to feel like he was being pranked for an episode of a WWE Network show. "It just got to the point where I’m like, the stuff I described in the Jericho podcast, ‘oh, now you’ll come out in a haz-mat suit,’ it’s just like, ‘this can’t be real. Am I on some kind of reality show? Is this the new WWE Network reality show? Is Vince actually saying these words? Does he actually run a billion dollar company? This is a joke!"”

Moxley also talked about his wife, WWE analyst Renee Young’s reaction to his brutal matchup with Kenny Omega at Full Gear, noting he called her right after the match. “I don’t need no heat, bro.”

Be sure to check out the full interview as there are some great stories in there.


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