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We Never Learn Vol. 7 Review

One of the coolest things about Taishi Tsutsui’s We Never Learn is that it’s not obvious which of the five potential love interests Nariyuki will end up with. We certainly have an idea at who might be the frontrunner at this point, but nothing is for sure.

In fact, in the early chapters, it was pretty clear that Rizu Ogata was meant to be the primary love interest, but she never really connected with the audience. She’s ranked lower than most of the other girls in popularity polls, both in Japan and America, where Mafuyu Kirisu and Fumino Furuhashi have dominated.

This volume is where things really start to turn and Furuhashi starts to seem like Yuiga’s eventual love interest. This is another volume where every chapter is pretty much a self-contained story, but the chapters focused on Furuhashi seem much more romantic than the ones with the others.

In fact, the very first chapter is a throwback to Furuhashi and Yuiga’s last romantic adventure, when a picture surfaces of them coming out of a hotel together and they have to run around together to track down the owner of the Instagram account that posted it before anyone else sees it.

Later on, bad weather strikes while Furuhashi is staying out to avoid her dad, so she and Yuiga get stuck out with almost everything closed. Since this is a gag manga, most chapters lean towards being funny, but the Furuhashi chapters seem much more like they’re showing two people fall in love.

A perfect illustration of this is this volume’s only Ogata chapter; she goes to a salon where she gets a full makeover for free and Yuiga doesn’t recognize her. Sure, Yuiga is flustered because an attractive woman he doesn’t know is flirting with him, but there’s no spark there. Ogata seemed like the favorite character early on but now she seems like the least likely of the five girls to end up with Yuiga.

Then there’s Uruka Takemoto. She has two chapters in this volume and they fall somewhere in between Furuhashi and Ogata on the comedy or romance scale. One chapter, which was recently featured on the anime adaptation, has them speaking only in English. This actually worked a lot better in the anime as you can hear how much they struggle to speak English, and while it’s a funny chapter I was a little put off by the ending revolving around everyone, including Uruka, knowing an outdated bit of English slang from the ’60s.

Uruka’s other story involved her and Yuiga catching two of their friends on a day together and ends with a sweet moment between them on the bus. Kirisu-Sensei and Kominami-Sempai also have chapters, but they follow the same pattern as their previous chapters; Kirisu is less together than she seems and Yuiga helps her out and Kominami ends up being really moved by how sweet Yuiga is but still teases him about being a pervert for being attracted to her. They don’t end up being particularly memorable.

This is a pretty average volume, except for one thing: there’s barely any fan-service. That may not sound very important, but without it, it feels like something is missing since those series, and basically the entire genre, is built on a foundation of cheesecake and sex jokes.

We Never Learn Vol. 7
Is it good?
This volume is where things really start to turn and Furuhashi starts to seem like Yuiga’s eventual love interest.
Yuiga and Furuhashi share some sweet moments as their relationship comes into focus
Everyone gets a little bit of story time here so no one’s favorite girl is left out
The chapters featuring Kirisu and Kominami feel very paint-by-numbers for those characters
This volume is really lacking in fan-service compared to the rest of the series

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