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WWE releases The Ascension

A day of releases continues in WWE.

A day of releases continues, as WWE has announced the release of Konnor and Viktor, otherwise known as The Ascension.

Konnor and Viktor have been teamed up in the WWE system since 2011, forming the original incarnation of The Ascension in Florida Championship Wrestling, the developmental precursor to NXT. While The Ascension was originally a faction that included Ricardo Rodriguez, Epico, and Shaul Guerrero, it eventually narrowed down to Konnor and Viktor as a tag team. The team would go on to dominate the early days of NXT, holding the NXT Tag Team Championship for 343 days.

Once called up to the main roster, however, the team struggled to gain traction, and have been off television for months outside of sparingly being used as enhancement talent.

AIPT wishes Konnor and Viktor the best in their future endeavors.


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