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Sean Murphy designs great Batman vehicles, but how about a slick new costume?

Azrael gets a new blue and gold costume that’ll remind you of the ’90s.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. 

If you’ve been reading Sean Murphy’s Curse of the White Knight series you know things are really hitting the fan. Commissioner Gordon has seen better days not being dead, his daughter Batgirl has been sent to a wheelchair, and Azrael is slowly but surely amassing power over Gotham. It has been revealed the intention is to make him the new Batman, and we see proof of that in today’s issue.

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Near the end of the issue, Azrael is told he’s a liability and being taken off the board. The intention of him taking out Batman and then becoming him–to then serve the rich in their endeavors–was the plan, but it’s not working out. Azrael doesn’t even recognize Ruth’s words going right into scripture. What do we get to see on the left of the page, though? One beautiful blue Batman costume in a glorious Azrael style.

This leads to an epic Bane battle well worth purchasing the book to see. This leads to an epic turn as Azrael does the unthinkable to Batman’s rogues gallery. It gets bloody, folks. In the final and glorious full-page splash cliffhanger, we get to see the suit in one heck of a pose.

What do you make of the new costume? Love it, or love to hate it? The colors are certainly similar to what Azrael wore when he took on being Batman, but this is a brand new design complete with its own Bat-logo too! You can compare the two by checking out the original blue and gold Azrael/Batman suit below.

This is only part of the story however cool it is and I recommend you check out the full issue to get the details on what Murphy is doing with Batman going forward.


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