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Ghost Rider #3 Review

It’s a hell of a job, but somebody’s gotta do it!

We’re back on the bike again for the last issue of Ghost Rider in 2019!  In Ghost Rider #3, Ed Brisson is joined by artist Juan Frigeri in the next chapter of “King of Hell.”  This issue moves faster than the two previous, and features great character growth for a Rider. We also start to see that the legions of Hell are going to make a move.  Let’s dive into this issue and why it was a big deal for Ghost Rider.

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Ghost Rider #3

I love that this issue opens with a “Tales of Ghost Riders Past” by showing us a Rider from 1654 C. E. The design looked really interesting and the Belasco name drop piqued my interest.  Hopefully this will take a lot of the Devils that are running around the Marvel Universe and have them throw down.  After that, we dive right into Danny Ketch’s situation from last issue being stripped of the Spirit of Vengeance and dropped into the East River.  Now, of course, most of the fan base banked on Danny not being killed, but losing the Ghost Rider abilities will make his story struggle that much harder. 

Ghost Rider #3

I’m glad to see that Caretaker is back in the game as she saves Danny and makes him aware of the situation.  Caretaker tells Danny everything that she knows and he flashes back to when he was warned of Johnny Blaze and being the King of Hell.  I love that this drives him to go see his ex-girlfriend, Stacy, and want to talk about what is going on with him and his life lately.  Sure, it turns into the usual “woe is me” and “I’ve given and lost so much” but Stacy really calls him out on it.  Stacy just wanted him to be open and honest about what was happening, which I found very refreshing. Yes, there are comic book tropes aplenty and we all love the drama of secret identities, but being a Ghost Rider isn’t wearing a pair of glasses.  I’m glad that talk really woke Danny up.

Johnny in this issue is completely hellbent on going on a demon hunt, which leads him to Las Vegas. Hopefully you remember who is over there — none other than an imprisoned Mephisto.  This is exciting as I would love a showdown with Johnny and Mephisto, but there will probably be other players in the match as Lilith and her ladies leave Hell to stop the pretender.  I know there will be a Lilith spinoff book but I honestly hope that this match for the King of Hell turns into a Marvel event…could almost be a Damnation Round 2. 

Ghost Rider #3

This was a great Danny Ketch issue. I’m a Johnny Blaze fan, but the character growth that Ed Brisson gave to Danny made me appreciate the character and root for him and I’m buying more into his struggle.  The art was very nicely done by Juan Frigeri and I totally loved his King of Hell Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider…hopefully we’ll get a Marvel Legend figure based on it.  Do yourself a favor and read the letters pages; they are just jam packed with love from fans and previous creators along with useful info. 

Ghost Rider #3
Is it good?
This is a fast read, but it does move the story along and leaves you wanting more. This is a huge struggle for the Riders and being the King isn't easy. Danny Ketch fans take notice of this issue, as there are some great moments and finally the talk you all wanted. Wrap all that up in some great art and you've got a good issue.
Moves the story along and advances the players to the major conflict
Danny Ketch has a great moment that will hopefully help him sober up
Very fast read. It feels like issues #2 and #3 could have been one issue

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