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It’s time to “Make More Mutants” in X-Force #3

‘The long game of mutantkind.’

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

X-Force #1 was certainly the boldest first issue in the Dawn of X line of comics — it literally ends with Xavier getting his head blown off. It’s a bold move in part because Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz, and R.B. Silva’s House of X and Powers of X run changed so many things, it felt highly unlikely anything big would happen for a while. If you, like me, thought so, you were wrong! Things get a serious rejiggering this week though as Benjamin Percy and Joshua Cassara throw a new wrench into the mix.

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In the latest issue X-Force #3, we learn Domino has been literally tortured as her flesh has been torn off to allow assassins to penetrate Krakoa’s defenses and kill Charles Xavier. Much of the story focuses on Logan and Quentin Quire saving her, but Jean Grey also has a job to do. We all knew she was powerful enough to take Xavier’s place, but could she do so to bring Xavier himself back? Beast is talking to Jean about the idea of never dying and it gets pretty deep.

It’s an interesting conversation where Jean relates to dying and being reborn over and over. What does that do to the spirit? After their nice chat, Jean does what we all knew she could…

Wake up Poppa X! As we’ve seen before these sacks are quite disturbing when folks spill out of them. The comic cuts back to Logan and Quentin attempting to rescue Domino and then Magneto preparing himself to tell the press what has happened to Charles. Well, that is, until…

He’s back, baby! That said, the reporter has a good question here. How do we know it’s really him? This is especially the case when Xavier was the one bringing folks back in the final step of resurrection. I myself have some reservations — his rebirth is questionable at best, but we’ll find out I’m sure in the coming weeks.

That’s only part of the story though and I highly recommend you read the issue today. You can also check out the AIPT Comics Podcast where we discuss Dawn of X sales for November.


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