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AIPT Comics Podcast Episode 51: Jeremy Haun talks ‘The Red Mother’ and Batman is all over the news

A weekly comics broadcast recapping the week and looking ahead to keep you up to date and connected.

Welcome to the weekly comic book podcast at AIPT. Your hosts David Brooke and Forrest Hollingsworth do their best to recap all the news, best comics, interview guests and look ahead to new releases out next Wednesday. It’s our way of keeping you up to date and connected! This week we have special guest Jeremy Haun on the show to talk about his new BOOM! Studios series The Red Mother. We also play Super Fight and check in on his off-topic top shelf!

In the news this week we talk about Marvel hosting midnight launch parties for new books, DC officially comments on the removal of Batman: Golden Child ad from Twitter, Grampa and Miller comment on Batman art use in Hong Kong and DC advertises Dark Knight with Joker/Trump image. Also in the news, John Ridley rumored to take over Batman at issue #100, Christopher Priest says Damian Wayne was originally Deathstroke’s kid, X-Men #5 to #7 postponed, J.J. Abrams Spider-Man finale pushed back 11 weeks, and finally Heavy Metal names their new CEO.

Our picks of the week:


  1. Annihilation: Scourge – Beta Ray Bill #1 (W: Michael Moreci, A: Alberto Alburquerque)
  2. Batman: Curse of the White Knight #5 (W: Sean Murphy, Color: Matt Hollingsworth)


  1. The Red Mother #1 (W: Jeremy Huan, A: Danny Luckert)
  2. Morbius #2 (W: Vita Ayala, A: Marcelo Ferreira)

This week our favorite cover art comes from Francesco Mattina on Suicide Squad #1 and Wonder Woman #83 by Jenny Frison. Check that out below.

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