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Angel #8 Review

One of those issues that you really enjoy until the last page shows up much too soon.

Last month, Fred was “offered” a meeting with Baphomet by Wolfram and Hart. This week, we get to find out if Fred will take it…and if Spike and Gunn can ever find her.

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Snappy Spoiler-Lite Recap

  • Gotta love a recap of Fred’s life that also features all her various fashion choices through the years.
  • Props to Lilah for trying to sell Fred on allying herself with a demonic entity, but I don’t think she’s buying it so far.
  • Of all the folks Angel would have on his ‘Invited Into Home’ list, I definitely would not have ever guessed that Spike was on it.
  • Now THAT’S a Batcave.
  • Okay, no fair hinting at an awesome Angel backstory and only giving us one really cool panel about it.
  • OF COURSE Gunn knows how to use nunchucks.
  • “You want to know if killing matters. I could say it does. But I’d be lying.”
  • Spike may be a nihilistic douchebag, but he’s also a bullet catching vampire badass…
  • …and Wolfram and Hart need to hire smarter/better mercenaries.
  • Sorry Lilah, but I REALLY don’t think Fred wants this meeting.
  • “Flessshhhh for the resssstttt…”
  • Spike doesn’t know how to drive?
  • Good lord that’s a lot of blood.
  • Looks like saving Los Angeles is up to us.

The Verdict

Angel #8 is one of those issues that you really enjoy until the last page shows up much too soon. A lot happens, but without very much forward momentum in the narrative. While I appreciate the groundwork that writer Bryan Hill is laying for the future of the series, we don’t get much of a conclusion to this particular story arc beyond a bevy of new questions.

That being said, those questions are all types of intriguing, especially with regards to what happened between Fred and Baphomet and how Spike’s decision will affect Angel when he returns from Sunnydale.

We also get some more great scenes between Gunn and Spike…although once again, a new narrative thread is hinted at that sounds so interesting it nearly overshadowed the rest of the issue. Thankfully, that particular moment was closely followed by a fantastic action sequence. Artist Gleb Melnikov has shown time and again how much his work enhances dialogue, but it’s also great when we get to see him cut lose with blood and bullets.

So yeah…definitely a good/entertaining issue, but the narrative plays second fiddle to the even more tantalizing questions it leaves us with. Knowing Hill’s work, however, watching those questions get answered will end up being a real treat.

Angel #8
Is it good?
A solid/fun issue, but the narrative is overshadowed by the many questions it leaves us with.
More scenes with Gunn and Spike, which is always a good thing.
Gleb Melnikov continues to enhance dialogue scenes while also getting to cut loose with a fantastic action sequence.
Bryan Hill lays the groundwork for some great stuff in the future...
...which unfortunately overshadows and stalls the narrative quite a bit.
Along that same line, the one panel about Angel's past was far too interesting to ride shotgun with main storylines.

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