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Wonder Woman cosplay by Brigitte Goudz

Wonder Woman never looks more superhuman than when Brigitte Goudz cosplays her.

By the goddess! We’re big fans of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (and can’t wait to see Wonder Woman 1984), don’t get us wrong — but this Wonder Woman cosplay by female bodybuilder Brigitte Goudz makes us realize how much more heroic and swole (but no less gorgeous) the Amazonian champion could have looked on the silver screen.

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Be the woman who inspires and touches people without even knowing. πŸ‘‰πŸ½This past year has been the most eventful, fruitful, & humbling year. Being able to touch people from across the country/world has given me faith in what I do. The women who see a girl who's not afraid to rock a physique that most would find unattractive or "too much" and appreciate it is what makes all the hard work worth it. SO many girls are finding their inner strength and self confidence through fitness and that puts the biggest smile on my face. Thank you everyone for your continuous positivity and encouragement on a daily basis, it does not go unnoticed!! Also, thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes… #leosRock ✊🏽. Alsooooooo… how f-----g sick is this picture?! Thank you @machinegunnwilly for always producing the best of the best and @xmanofsteelx @thejefx for the costume!

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Won't believe what we're doing… @xmanofsteelx

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Check out more of Brigitte at her official website.


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