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Brandon Sanderson completes Stormlight Archive book 4

The rough draft is complete after a 19,000 word writing session.

Author Brandon Sanderson announced Tuesday morning that he’s finished the first rough draft for book 4 of his smash-hit fantasy series, The Stormlight Archive. Sanderson wrapped up the end of story over the course of a 13-hour writing marathon in which he wrote 19,000 words, bringing in the final total to a whopping 424,000 words.

Monday afternoon the author alerted fans via Twitter than he was making his final push to finish book 4 and planned to spend the next ten to twelve hours writing to ensure he had the book finished by the new year.

Throughout his marathon Sanderson provided fans with twelve updates on his progress, something he’s well known for doing with most of his writing projects, until he finished his rough draft early Tuesday morning.  The author has earned a lot of love from his fanbase thanks to his routine of providing consistent updates on the progress of his various writing projects. He even has a status bar available to view on his website.

While book 4 doesn’t have an official title yet, we do know that Sanderson has been referring to it as Rhythm of War. Tor, the publisher of The Stormlight Archive, announced earlier this month that the book will be released on November 17, 2020.

From those of you looking for more information on the completion of book 4’s first rough draft, Sanderson has stated that he will be posting a longer update on the Stormlight subreddit soon.

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