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Funko releases images/info for new wave of POPs from ‘The Mandalorian’

Funko closed out 2019 with a gift for Star Wars fans in 2020.

Funko closed out 2019 with a gift for Star Wars fans in 2020: A jam-packed new wave of POP figures from The Mandalorian.

Images were posted to Funko’s official Instagram (seen above) with single shots and descriptions posted on their website.

Let’s take a look at a few of them, specifically the figures who are mandatory additions to my desk space.

Deluxe Mandalorian on Blurrg

I already have the original Mandalorian POP, so the “regular” one from this wave isn’t necessary. But Din Djarin on a blurrg? How can I not buy that, especially when Funko is virtually guaranteed to add Kuiil with a blurrg in the second wave?

The Armorer

Only downside to owning this figure is that she’ll also require the purchase of multiple Stromtrooper POPs so they can be sprawled out beneath her.

The Client

Never thought we’d see the day when Warner Herzog was made into a POP figure, yet here we are. What a time to be alive!

Covert Mandalorian

Gotta admit that I almost freaked out when I saw this and thought it was a yet-to-be-seen character. Turns out she was one of the background Mandos in the covert before it was evacuated/purged…and looks so cool that I might still have to buy one, anyway.

Death Watch Mandalorian

A Mandalorian that is both my favorite color and represents one of my favorite segments of Star Wars lore? You bet I’ll be snagging this one!

All figures are listed as ‘Coming Soon,’ which likely means the end of winter or early spring. Which ones will you be getting?


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