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Golden Globes Preview: Sure things, biggest snubs, & who will be the biggest winners & losers

Awards season is already here.

The new year has arrived and awards season is already here. Starting things off this Sunday are the Golden Globes. The Golden Globes honor the best in television and movies. Along with being the first awards of the year, the Golden Globes are also a great indicator for the Academy Awards. Movie Editor Nathaniel Muir and contributor Davis Pittman preview the 2020 Golden Globes.

What is your lock to win an award?

Nathaniel: Parasite is the best movie of 2019 and the decade. A multilayered story filled with tremendous acting, director Bong Joon-ho’s picture is a masterpiece. It is funny, terrifying, and has a strong message. It is one of those rare movies that make a person brag about having seen it. In a year filled with strong performances and films, Parasite stands out.

Davis: I think Joaquin Phoenix is a shoe in to win for Joker, which is very much deserved. I think he and Christian Bale (Ford Vs Ferrari) are for sure the most deserving in that category.

What were you surprised to see nominated?

Nathaniel: Little Big Lies may have been filled with great acting, but the second season was pointless, unnecessary, and funny for all the wrong reasons. Its nod for Best Drama series is more shocking than anything from the twist filled show. HBO was home to many great shows this past year. Little Big Lies was not one of them.

Davis: I was surprised to see Emma Thompson get nominated for Late Night. I didn’t get around to seeing that so I can’t say whether or not it’s deserved in my opinion, I just wasn’t thinking of her and that film when it came to awards attention.

What is the biggest snub?

Nathaniel: The final season of The Deuce was fantastic. It was the culmination of three seasons worth of plot and had one of the most satisfying finales ever. Every episode was filled with emotion. The show was incredibly rewarding. It is a shame to not see it get recognition from the Golden Globes.

Davis: Well, the first snub that came to mind was Steve Carell in The Morning Show. Carell is so great in that show and while I was overjoyed to see Aniston and Witherspoon get nominations, I think he deserved one as well. I haven’t seen Little Women yet so I don’t have an opinion on Greta Gerwig and her direction but it would’ve been nice to see her in that category. The early reviews are fantastic for Little Women and she’s certainly proved herself before. I was also kind of disappointed Constance Wu wasn’t nominated for Hustlers.

What will be the big loser of the night?

Nathaniel: Network television becomes less important with each passing year. This year, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox have a total of zero nominations between them. (To be fair, FX has four.) The importance of awards depends on each person, but the lack of representation from the networks is telling.

Davis: I don’t think Cate Blanchett stands much of a chance. I enjoyed Where’d You Go Bernadette and I adore Blanchett but considering what she’s up against in this category, I think it’ll just be an honor to be nominated. I also don’t foresee Succession winning much, if anything.

What will be the big winner of the night?

Nathaniel: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has a chance to really clean up big. There are no sure things, but Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Quentin Tarantino are all up for awards. If those three win and the movie takes home Best Picture, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood immediately becomes an Oscar front runner.

Davis: I think The Morning Show will win a good bit, especially the acting nominations. I have to admit that I’ll pulling heavily for Jennifer Aniston, I think she really deserves it. I also hope Jennifer Lopez takes home the gold for Hustlers, and not only do I hope but I think she stands a good chance.

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