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Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons: More Galakrond decks getting nerfed in upcoming balance patch

Galakrond decks get another nerf in Hearthstone: Descent of Dragon’s next balance update.

The Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons has given us a ranked meta with one of the more diverse arrays of competitive ladder decks than we’ve seen in some time, but some decks are still more oppressive than others — namely, Galakrond decks. Luckily, Team 5 has recognized this and plans to adjust aspects of Galakrond decks with the next balance patch.

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Per Senior Game Designer August Dean Ayala’s Twitter:

As of this writing, HSReplay lists Galakrond decks as the top four in the game (Galakrond Zoo Warlock, Galakrond Warrior, Galakrond Deathrattle Rogue, Galakrond Shaman). Do you think Galakrond decks are too powerful in the current meta? Will the upcoming nerfs remedy the problem? Let us know in the comments.

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