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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: Spider-Gwen cosplay by OMGCosplay

The sensational Spider-Gwen comes to life courtesy of cosplayer OMGCosplay.

We’ve seen our share of awesome Spider-Gwen cosplays during our tenure here at AIPT. Bunny Bii’s for instance. Or Hendoart’s. Or Shirogane-sama’s.

This latest one from the uber-cute OMGCosplay however might just have web-slung its way to the top of our list. Check out the following gallery of our favorite shots from OMG’s Spider-Gwen rendition and you’ll quickly see why.

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Spider-Gwen is the spider-powered superhero of Earth-65. The infamous radioactive spider which bit Peter Parker in main Marvel timeline bit Gwen Stacy instead on Earth-65, granting Gwen the proportional strength, speed, agility, durability of a spider as well as the ability to stick to walls/wallcrawl and a precognitive ability called Spider-Sense.

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Bonus Gwenom shot:

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