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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Iceman cometh

Find out why Iceman is a valuable addition to any comp in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Bobby Drake AKA Iceman is a founding member of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and the X-Men — and with his addition to the squad in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black order‘s DLC Pack 2, The Rise of Phoenix, Iceman has become a mainstay Ultimate Alliance member as well; he’s now appeared in every Ultimate Alliance game as a playable character.

Iceman is once again a cooler than cool, ice cold addition to any team configuration in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and the following breakdown video from MUA3 analyst Crispin Roberts comprehensively examines why that is the case:


Iceman not only packs an icy punch with his projectile basic attacks, jumping aerial basic attacks and Shimmering Shards special ability; his defensive ability is second to none and can easily bolster any team for Gauntlet or defensive play. He is an excellent choice against bosses because of his defensive buff coupled with his high damage.


Iceman isn’t the best choice for Danger Room mode nor is he optimal for clearing out large amounts of trash mobs.

Crispin subsequently released this video which utilizes an Arctic Freeze build centered around “reduce the number of attacks required to inflict a status” ISO-8 gems. The freeze status effects and successive damage combine for insane damage:

What do you think of Iceman in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3? Did this guide from Crispin Roberts change your mind on the character? Let us know in the comments.

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