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‘Morbius’ teaser reveals Jared Leto’s abilities with a surprise cameo

New Morbius trailer drops ahead of its July 31, 2020 release.

The much-awaited trailer to Morbius is finally here! Coming out July 31, 2020, check out the trailer below.

After viewing it you’ll note it’s pretty clear they are giving this character very powerful powers like echo abilities, strength, and what appears to be some kind of purple transportive smoke powers (unless that’s the villain). It’s also pretty clearly close to the origin of the original character.

Fans who wait till the very end are in for a treat too as a character from Spider-Man Homecoming makes an appearance. Can you say Sinister Six team-building anyone? It’s also nice to know Sony is all-in on building out this universe after their much-acclaimed Venom film starring Tom Hardy.

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