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Ghost Rider is now the Spirit of…Corruption?

The events ‘Ghost Rider’ have not only changed Johnny Blaze, but now Danny Ketch has been changed into the Spirit of Corruption. Learn how that happened here.

Ed Brisson is leading the pack of Ghost Riders by putting both Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch on quite the ride of changes in the current volume of Ghost Rider. Ever since Damnation, Johnny Blaze has been put in the spotlight by becoming the new King of Hell. Now, it’s Danny Ketch’s turn in issue #4 of Ghost Rider as Danny takes a trip into Limbo.

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If you want to get more insight into Danny’s journey and return, I would recommend that you start with Marvel Comics Presents #6 that came out last June. Don’t worry, there is a great second printing cover featuring Ghost Rider Danny Ketch himself:

Marvel Comics Presents #6 (Second Print Cover)

In that issue of MCP, we are treated to Danny’s current life and what he is up to: running a bar he purchased called the Fadeaway Pub over in Brooklyn. Danny has really been in a strong state of depression and pretty much has tossed aside his life as a Rider, even going as far as dropping his motorcycle in the Hudson River. However, that doesn’t stop the Spirit of Vengeance from getting Danny to go out as Ghost Rider from time to time. After that re-introduction, I would then suggest you start with issue #1 of the current Ghost Rider run, which featured quite the meeting between Danny and Johnny, leading to a confrontation in issue #2 and Johnny taking Danny’s powers away.

interior art from Ghost Rider #2

Now that Danny no longer has his powers, he realizes that he needs to step it up and help save or stop Johnny Blaze and the Throne of Hell. Taking action and listening to Caretaker, Danny goes to Limbo and tries to get the assistance of Necrosis. Belasco won’t let that happen without a challenge and prompts Danny to fight for help. Unfortunately, Danny goes down hard in this battle. Belasco decides to take advantage of this situation, and just like most devils do, he makes a deal.

interior art from Ghost Rider #4
interior art from Ghost Rider #4

Danny has been given the power of Necrosis and will be the Spirit of Corruption. I enjoy when there are more elements added to the mythos of characters, and this could be a really exciting avenue to explore. What is the difference they want to showcase between a Spirit of Vengeance and Corruption? Will this be a permanent change for Danny, or will we see him back in the skull again?

Ed Brisson is doing a great job with exploring the differences between Hell and Limbo along with showcasing differences in other realms as well. check out issue #1 for a great write up of that. So head over to your local comic shop if you want to get in on the back issues or wait for the Ghost Rider Vol. 1: King of Hell trade paperback coming out April 14.

And as always, check out AIPT’s coverage of all things Ghost Rider.

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