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Hellmouth #4 Review

Buffy and Angel come face to face with the secret enemy behind the evil that has overwhelmed Sunnydale!

Last month, Buffy finally learned that Angel is a vampire. This week, Angel awkwardly tries to explain why they should still be cool with each other.

Snappy, Spoiler-Lite Recap

  • Whether your serving or ruling, Hell still sounds like a crappy place to live.
  • That he is, Buffy. That he is.
  • Even though everyone hates/mistrusts each other now, Buffy/Angel/Drusilla still make a pretty awesome fighting team.
  • There’s something funny about Angel assuring Buffy that he’s not going to hurt her–pretty it’s his ass that’s in danger from her.
  • OF COURSE Drusilla can’t be trusted.
  • OF COURSE Buffy does the one thing she should’t do.
  • …and now it’s time for more random exposition with Augie.
  • Angel’s reaction to a kiss from the Hellmother is on part with stepping barefoot on a Lego.
  • Two Buffy’s aren’t necessarily better than one.

The Verdict

This issue…heck, this entire series…is starting to frustrate me.

On one hand, there is so much about it that is good. The artwork by Eleonora Carlini is incredible, particularly when she gets to cut loose on huge scenes of supernatural craziness. I also absolutely love the way she draws Buffy and Angel’s faces during their dialogue with each other.

Unfortunately, the dialogue between Buffy and Angel is about the only thing I like this point…and it’s great. Bellaire and Lambert perfectly nail the chemistry and angst these two share while adding some just the right amount of perfectly timed humor.

The story, on the other hand, is starting to become a mess. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s never a good sign when alternate versions of characters show up to dump exposition/narrative direction and leave after a few panels. Same goes for humorous-yet-slightly annoying demons.

As far as the Big Bad is concerned, it’s gone from something that felt potentially new and exciting to a fairly boring remix. Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong next issue–I hope so. For now, however, I’m much more interested in seeing Buffy and Angel interact again than seeing how this particular story ends.

Hellmouth #4 Review
Is it good?
The artwork by Carlini is gorgeous, equally enhancing the action and dialogue sequences.
Buffy and Angel's interactions are great.
The Big Big of 'Hellmouth' has gone from interesting to an boring, somewhat insufferable remix.
Lots of seemingly-random exposition dumps instead of a consistently compelling narrative.

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