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GCW denies offering Enzo Amore $25k to wrestle at Bloodsport III

The real1 reacted to the news poorly on Twitter.

Tuesday morning Enzo Amore, aka nZo, released a video in which he cut a promo on NJPW star Tama Tonga, with whom he’s been sparring with on social media with over the past few weeks. In the promo nZo claimed he was offered $25,000 to appear at Bloodsport III for a match against Tonga, but Game Change Wrestling has come out and said that the real1 isn’t being truthful.

“Just to clarify: Neither GCW or Josh Barnett have offered ClowNzo $25,000 to fight at Bloodsport or appear at ANY GCW events,” said GCW. “In fact, we haven’t offered him 1 cent, now or ever. Sorry Pal.”

GCW also included a photograph of nZo taken from his promo, including a clown face emoji covering nZo’s face. See it below.

Enzo was quick to reply on Twitter:

Followed by:

The problem for Enzo is that video doesn’t lie. In his promo he very clearly states that he was offered $25k to wrestle, saying, “You and I both know that I got offered $25 grand for this match and I turned it down, now you wanna turn around and give the bag to charity? Well touche, bro.”

You can see the video from nZo that started it all below.

Enzo has been feuding with Tonga over social media for some time now and recently the NJPW star said he would have a match against the real1 if proceeds went to charity. Following Tonga’s challenge, Josh Barnett offer to host the match at Bloodsport III, which will take place in Tampa, Florida on April 2 during Wrestlemania weekend.


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