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Demon Pit Nintendo Switch review

These demons deserved better.

With all this talk about Doom Eternal and everything, some people might forget that there are other retro-inspired shooters on the market. I mean, there’s a good reason for that, since Eternal looks so damn dominant. But those looking for a retro fix shouldn’t hesitate to look around at what else is on the market as they wait for the king’s arrival.

And that includes Demon Pit. Digerati’s inspired shooter definitely pays tribute to the classic Doom games that started them all, but goes with more of a wave-based format, as you fight to stay alive as an armada of hellish forces come your way.

The game has you going up against ten types of hideous hell-spawn, from floating skull heads that relentlessly chase you to soldiers that don’t let up. Fortunately, you’ve got some tools of the trade to help you fight back, including a shotgun, a rocket launcher and more. The Doom variety of weapons this ain’t, but it’s sufficient when it comes to staying alive. Oh, and so is running. Don’t forget that.

Even with fire, Demon Pit fails to spark long-term interest.

Demon Pit also introduces a “soul grapple”, which lets you latch onto items around the arena in case you need an extra burst of speed to get away from your enemies. It’s cool, but it’s not nearly as varied as the grapple that’ll be available in, well, that other game coming from Bethesda.

Control is pretty good here, as you can easily run around and target enemies. Alas, some people might be turned off by the auto-aim, which forces you to adjust your aim to another enemy. It’s slightly tiring, especially if you’re trying to hit whoever’s out to kill you.

Fortunately, this is made up for with a decent multiplier system. The more enemies you kill, the more your score racks up. But if they hit you enough times, it’s game over.

The visuals aren’t too bad, with the game running at an impressive speed. And the sound has its moments too, particularly with announcements. But, really, it’s pretty minimal. You’ve only got so much arena to battle in, with very little variety. And while the enemies are cool, they too are somewhat short in count.

Lots of weapons, but hardly any kind of evolution.

In fact, Demon Pit in general seems like a one-trick pony. Or demon. That’s not to say it does anything bad, but it never really escalates into something great. It’s just the same wave based shooter, with escalating enemies and multiplier chances going for it. I would’ve liked to have seen some sort of push with story, or, at the very least, some new pits to challenge my platforming skills. Alas, we’re not so lucky.For quick thrills or just relieving stress out for a few minutes, Demon Pit seems like an ideal selection. But with its $9.99 price tag, you can easily invest in Bethesda’s actual Doom games, which go for less, and get way more bang for your buck. There’s a good amount of shooting carnage here, but Demon Pit lacks the overall substance to stay in it for the long haul. This pit isn’t as bottomless as we hoped it would be.

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Demon Pit Nintendo Switch review
Is it good?
This Pit never digs deep enough.
The presentation takes inspiration from the classic Doom games.
Some decent gameplay mechanics, particularly with the Soul Grapple.
There’s very little depth here, with no variations of stages or many of the enemies.
The auto-aim can be a real pain, especially if you’re being pursued.

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