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Josh Ruben and Aya Cash debate who is the better storyteller at Sundance

The cast of ‘Scare Me’ on who is a better storyteller.

Scare Me had its world premiere at Sundance before it heads to horror streaming channel Shudder. The movie is a silly mix of outrageous humor and real terror. Along with delivering laughs and scares to the audience, it also has a strong message. The plot tackles gender roles head on. Writer-director Josh Ruben takes on a lot in his debut feature. The former CollegeHumor writer handles it all well and delivers a fun comedy horror movie.

Before the world premiere of Scare Me, AIPT had a chance to speak with Ruben and Cash. Since the movie is about two horror writers trying to outdo each other, we thought it was the perfect time to ask who the better storyteller is. Unsurprisingly, both had different opinions has to who could weave the best yarn.

Along with telling us who was better at telling stories, Ruben talked about his motivation when writing the movie while Cash discussed her biggest fear.

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