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Dark Horse unveils Berserk themed manga bookends

Dragon Slayer will keep your manga collection safe.

Dark Horse Direct has unveiled some seriously intense bookends for fans of Kentaro Miura’s hit manga series, Berserk. Modeled after lead character Guts’ sword, Dragon Slayer, these limited-edition bookends arrive Summer 2020 at a price of $199.99.

The bookends are constructed of polyresin and sculpted by BigShot Toyworks, with a hand painted finish by Ed Bradley.

Your bloody manga guardians clock in at 7″ tall by 5″ wide, totaling 19″ long when displayed without any manga or books. Ensure you have a powerful shelf prepared, as the Dragon Slayer weighs in just shy of 25lbs.

The bookends are expected to ship between July – September 2020. Once again, these are limited. Only 1,000 are being produced, so if you’d like a set be sure to pre-order today.

Dark Horse

Dark Horse

Dark Horse

Dark Horse


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