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What could this revelation mean in X-Men #5 for three popular mutants?

These X-Men are bound to be changed in a big way.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. For more read our review.

X-Men has certainly been an eclectic series with each issue seemingly introducing a new villain or threat to Krakoa, mutants in general, or all of Earth. In the latest issue, Jonathan Hickman teams up with Powers of X artist R.B. Silva and color artist Marte Gracia involving the Children of the Vault. More specifically, Serafina, who has Mind-control, cloaking, and other powers thanks to the 6,000 years spent evolving her kind from a human genetic baseline. She’s a threat to mutants and humans since she is neither.

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In the opening pages, Logan chases her into the Vault where we learn whoever is inside can stay there for thousands of years. Well, not exactly.

The Vault allows these characters to evolve quickly, but going in it is very dangerous requiring mutants who can heal quickly and stay alive a lot longer. Who are the lucky three to go into the Vault and pull Serafina out?

Darwin, Laura aka Wolverine, and Synch. After an exciting bit of action and some exciting looks inside the Vault (read the book to see for yourself), our three heroes get in.

And blink out of existence. Sadly though they don’t immediately come out. On the final page, we learn they’ve been inside for three months, which roughly equals…well a lot of time.

What does this mean for Wolverine, Darwin, and Synch? As Cyclops pointed out above, they will go through “human adaptation along technological lines.” This likely means our three mutants may come out differently, evolved, and somehow changed. It’s not quite as long as the 6,000 years other Children of the Vault have endured, so it’s unlikely they will be changed too dramatically but is likely unless the healing factor of the characters can keep thems table.

Even in that unlikely turn, how might this change the characters psychologically? Based on what we see in the Vault, it’s a dark–and very purple– a place that may be lonely and incredibly difficult to stay sane when inside. It’s a terrifying thought, though one could argue it may not feel like that much time has passed when inside.

Only time will tell.

Listen to the latest episode of our weekly comics podcast

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