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Overwatch League introduces Stats Lab

The foundation for fantasy Overwatch has been laid.

Have you ever wondered where the Overwatch League broadcast team pulls their super detailed and obscure match statistics from? Like the teamfight win rate of the Washington Justice when they had Hanzo in their team composition versus the Guangzhou Charge when they had Widowmaker in their team composition? The answer is Ben “CaptainPlanet” Trautman the Stats Producer for the Overwatch League.

Using a number of powerful tools, Trautman produces the statistics content fans receive from the OWL’s broadcast and social media teams. Originally those tools were for internal use only, but as of Wednesday afternoon that’s not longer the case. The Overwatch League has announced Stats Lab, a new website platform that will allow fans to collect and view the same statistical data that the OWL’s staff has access to.

Stats Lab data is sorted into four major categories: Players, Heroes, Matches, and Teamfights. Fans can view current and historical data on Players statistics such as career ranks, totals, and records, as well as map streaks and records in the Matches tab. Each page will contain dashboards with detailed information that will be updating regularly throughout the League’s third season which begins of February 8.

Could this lead to Overwatch League’s very own fantasy league? It’s certainly possible.

The new tool will launch in a beta version on the official Overwatch League website. You can view a number of quick how-to videos on the official blog-post announcement.


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